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Hello! I’m Rev. Dr. B.

Doctor of Naturology

Rev. Dr. Bzrani-Jordan, Ph.D., (better known as Dr. B.), has practiced healing since childhood through her family’s lifestyle, and through her studies and research. Dr. B.’s practice includes locating cause, effect and solution through Bio-Quantum Physics and Biologic solutions. Body-work, counseling, plant-based foods, herbs, homeopathics, oils, nutraceutical nutritional supplements, exercise, and lots of love are used to address your sub-health conditions. Dr. B. has been a consultant to healing and medical hospitals with names you would know such as Duke University Med School, Gary Null, Dr. Gary Young of Young Living, Lasana Conte former President of the Republic of Guinea West Africa, and to many others. Within Dr. B.’s umbrella organization Bzrani Project.com, there are several divisions one of which is the Origo Spa & Retreat facility located on a 6.5 farm in Sanford, N.C. where intensive education programs and deep detoxing support are available – these healing techniques address, and have the potential to eliminate, both acute and chronic sub-health conditions.

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Hello  I am known as Farmer Bill

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We use the 3 R’s of Healing



  • Repair – Our non-invasive test determines the cause of enervation.  It links the central nervous system to a computer and produces a customized holy water remedy and locates other natural solutions to any problem.
  • Restore – Pathways of elimination are opened allowing proper nutritional assimilation of foods, nutritional supplements & plant extracts.  Activity and bodywork are essential.
  • Regenerate – Over time, continuing your customized program provides energy, stamina and peace.  This is where love resides.
Disclaimer We are NOT medical doctors. We do NOT practice medicine, cure, assess, advise, recommend, diagnose, treat disease, prescribe or adjust medication. We DO wellness techniques that provide results.

Application of the 3R’s evokes your healing process through deep relaxation, stimulation, and detection.  Discover the endless, serene joy of peace while looking within to find the underlying, ever-present source of the illumination of the mind


RainDrop sessions consist of the application of essential oils meant to address pathogens along the spine.  Dr. B’s Raindrop Plus is a way to address the ethos (ethics), pathos (emotions) and logos (creation logic).  It  incorporates many other types of energy work along with the oils, such as cupping, and reflexologies from all over the world. And if indicated, it includes a special application of Edgar Casey’s oil procedure to soften the organs making for improved organ-function.

There is nothing like an awakening healing.

There is nothing like it to balance the body mind spirit. 

There is nothing like it for establishing peace and joy for life.


Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative to medicine to stimulate organ function. 

Dr. B.’s Reflexology Plus

This type of reflexology uses oils, and cupping on the hands and feet and where the energy meridians of the body all meet.


Cupping is an effective way to achieve rapid healing.  It is effective as a non-invasive face-lift, pain relief and for athletic injury-recovery.


FullBody Scan is a non-invasive scan of the acupuncture meridians.  The findings of this 2 hour test show cause effect and solutions to sub-health conditions.  This is an accurate test revealing issues located as far out as the furthest reaches of your aura (energy pathogens) and to the deepest levels of tissue (actual pathogens).  It has the capacity to locate medical issues decades before any, currently in use, medical diagnosing tests because it reads what is in your electrical field and what is anywhere inside your body through bio-quantum physics

Why Wait?

Here’s how to get started

Working on your wellbeing is like solving most any problem.  The solution is to break down everything into steps.

To begin:  You have to have an understanding of how the 3R’s of Healing works and to provide enough information about your current issues and your goals.  To do that, we offer you a free 15 minute telephone consultation (normally at $75 service) with any overtime at $1 per minute.  In many cases Dr. B. can give you much information that will help you move forward. Here are your next steps after you have decided that this is something you would like to explore. We hope you follow these steps to achieving wellness support. And please have some fun with it.

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Step 1. You will need to gather the information you received and make decisions for what you believe is best for you.  In reality, you may be faced with comparing what the ‘Big Pharma’, ‘Big Medical Community’ have to offer and their cost, with that of taking the natural approach.

Step 2.  After gathering enough information for you to make what you believe is the best choice for you, it is decision and commitment time.  I have often heard that not making a decision is actually making the decision of inaction.  This often has disastrous effects if you are seeking something you now do not have. So give yourself calm loving thoughts, discuss your concerns and ideas with others, and make that decision for your next right action even if it is a decision is to not engage in healing at this time.  At least you have made a decision and there is nothing missing – it is complete – you committed.

Step 3. Last but not least is that it is crucial that you have the resources to follow through with the conscious decision you have made.  Listen to your inner self when you are meditating / praying as it will always tell you the way.  If you get no answers, make a decision to address the issue within 24 hours always in loving service to the greater good of all. And you deserve a clear mind, healthy body, and a loving spirit.



Testimonial from BB of NYC and NC

” Dr B. saved my life at least 5 times. Once was from a torn colon as a result of a colonoscopy; another time when an aneurism, that the medical folk could not find, that was ready to burst; and most recently after surgery for spinal stenosis, I was using a walker and after 12 months of Team work, I need not use even a cane.”

BB of NYC and NC

Testimonial from Dr. C.A. from Germany and NYC

“I had less than a year to live after a severe stroke and was totally dependent on care – could not speak nor use the bathroom. Within 18 months I was completely independent and after 17 years since seeing Dr. B. I am still in good health.”


Dr. C.A. from Germany and NYC

Testimonial from Laurie D. from FL, NJ and MN

“The medical community has not been able to deal with my Lymes and Multiple Sclerosis issues. In applying Dr, B’s customized protocols and having an understanding of how to care for myself, I have learned to do self-care and have become healthier than ever.


Testimonial from FW in NC and NYC

“No one could tell me what was wrong with me except that I had a short time to live due to lack of oxygen in my system. After seeing Dr. B. I was healed and that was in 1999 – she saved my life.  However, I went back to my old life-style and am again having a healing from Dr B,  I have lost 100 pounds and still have 50 more to lose, and my COPD symptoms are subsiding such that I don’t require the use of the pump for lung issues.


Testimonial from LB from NJ

My daughter at age 5 had asthma, within 2 weeks she was healed and has never had another episode – that was in 1992.


Testimonial from A from NY

My two sons were diagnosed with ADD.  After seeing Dr. B. and giving the kids the necessary remedies, their life has become normal. 


Testimonial from Lee from Boynton Beach

At age 92 all I did was lay on the coach, was less than 100 pounds and could hardly walk.  After 2 months, I took daily walks without my walker, began dancing again, and cared about living.  My memory came back such that I could remember my childhood home address and all the neighbor’s names and classmate and teacher’s names as well as what I ate for breakfast. 

Fifteen years before that, I had developed early stages of gangrene in my great toe.  After 2 hours of working on me, Dr. B. and her staff were able to reverse the issue so I did not have to have my toe amputated.  What a wonderful ability Dr. B. has.


Testimonial from MU from GA

Dr. B’s work eliminated my breast and ovarian cancer and I lost 40 pounds and normalized my blood pressure during a 5 week retreat.

Testimonial from Attorney B from Conakry, REp of Guinea West Africa

I was diagnosed with cancer and had no energy and just felt awful. After seeing Dr. B. several times before I had to return home, my energy level had increased, and I felt alive again.  Had I been able to stay in the United States, I would have done a long retreat for a complete healing.

Testimonial from Dr A.P. MD from NC

After suffering a stroke and after 5 years in a wheel chair, I was able to recover my mobility.  It took only 8 weeks of working with Dr. B. I am back at work and am totally independent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to heal?

There is no set rule.  Typically the body will heal within 18 months given it has what it needs.  The full body scan provides the information necessary to achieve healing coupled with your commitment and resources.

What does healing cost?

That depends on what is required to heal and how long it takes.  Typically, if funds are an issue, we can barter for some work; however we only barter time and not for supplies and remedies.

What types of issues do you addresst?

We address all sub-health conditions from mental, emotional and physical.  If you have been suffering for a very long time, or recently were made aware of a fatal condition, we are able to provide information and support to recovery or make your transition easier.

Can we do any of this healing remotely?

Remote healing is done through telephone consultations that typically last 45 minutes costing $2 a minute.  However, the body mind spirit healing requires in-house applications of services; or we can see if anyone in your area can provide healing services based on our findings. We DO global house calls if you require 24/7 care in your location.  Deep detoxing mostly requires 24/7 care so you might wish to schedule a private retreat on our farm.

What types of payments do you take?

All major credit cards, cash and NO checks.

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